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Bob Holman | Founder

Robert (Bob) is a self-taught, iPhone (well Apple everything really) 65 years ‘young’ photographer.

Over 40 years ago, Bob had the use of his Dad’s Pentax camera with a zoom lens. He never really got to grips with it; too many strange knobs and dials. But every now and then he managed to capture a decent image. He never knew why, but when he got it right, he was hooked. And the anticipation of getting your film back from Boots? Well that’s another story…

Then life happened – marriage, work, children, career ladder, more children, business ventures and much more, Bob’s photography ceased. Whenever he saw a sight that appealed to him, a camera was never with him.

So, when Apple started including excellent cameras on their devices, which just happened to also make phone calls and send texts, Bob started to get a little more interested. His holiday iPhone photos started to get a great deal better, taking a ‘Snap’ was no longer good enough. But most of all, his camera was always with him!

And so, after 1,000s of photographs taken on his iPhone, including a massive number of shockingly poor photos, he started to learn a few little tricks and his ‘mobile photography knowledge’ increased in leaps and bounds. Much learning later (from other photographers who were kind enough to help, plus online videos) and his photography mojo came back.

Then people started asking Bob how he achieved a certain look, or how he edited a part of the image, or why he took it from a certain angle. That’s when Bob knew he could help others. …And then came his beloved black and white images – but that’s a completely different story.

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